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The GFX100 II is a large format camera that pushes the boundaries of image quality ,Videography and mobility.

It features:

  1. High-Speed Performance: A 102-megapixel sensor with a faster readout speed than its predecessor, enabling a continuous frame rate of up to 8fps.
  2. Advanced Autofocus: The X-Processor 5 includes subject detection AF using deep-learning AI technology, tracking and detecting not only human faces and eyes but also animals, birds, vehicles, and more.
  3. Enhanced Video Capabilities: It offers 4K/60p and 8K/30p 4:2:2 10-bit in-camera recording, making it a versatile choice for both photographers and videographers.
  4. In-Body Image Stabilization: With precise sensor shifting between frames, it can create ultra-high-resolution 400-megapixel images with minimal false colors.
  5. Improved Color Science: It introduces the REALA ACE Film Simulation for faithful color reproduction and tonality.
  6. Cinematography Support: It supports various cine recording formats and can use popular cinema optics with the right adapter.
    1. F-Log2: It’s the first GFX System camera to feature F-Log2, providing a wider dynamic range for enhanced post-production flexibility .

THE  GFX100 II is a versatile and high-performance camera suitable for professionals in both photography and videography, offering exceptional image quality and advanced features.


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