Fujinon 12×32 Techno-Stabi Jr Image-Stabilized Binoculars


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This Binoculars provides the kind of stabilization needed for such high magnification.

The 12×32 Jr provides 3° of stabilization in every direction, making it actually useful in such situations as tracking a moving subject while on a moving platform yourself. It’s great for observing from airplanes, helicopters, boats, etc. As a completely waterproofed unit, it can be used effectively anywhere.


∙ Image stabilizing binoculars
∙ Locks in on the subject to create a stabilized field of vision at high magnification
∙ With 3 degree high stabilization feature, one can get a solid image of any subject


∙ Phase coated
∙ Fog proof and waterproof
∙ 3 degree of stabilization

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